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BGS Germany 9-Pc 1/2 Drive Impact Spline Bit Socket Set M4-M16 AUDI PORSCHE VW

BGS technic Germany 9-piece Cr-Mo Steel Impact Bit Socket Set Spline , Sizes M4-M16 1/2Drive. Especially for VW, AUDI, BMW, PORSCHE, FIAT, Mercedes and All Metric Cars! BGS technic Germany […]


BGS Germany 32-pc Torx T-Star T20-T70 Harden Impact Metric Socket Set 1/2 Drive

BGS technic Germany 32-piece 1/2 Drive Car Assembly Hardened Bit Cr-V Steel Socket Set. Special Torx Profile T20-T70. MOST NEEDED IN EURO CARS! SUITABLE FOR RATTLE GUN!! T OP AUSTRADE […]


BGS Germany 26-pc Metric Impact Spline Bit Socket Set M5-M16 1/2 Drive Tool Set

BGS technic Germany 26 -piece Car Assembly Metric Bit Set Socket Set Spline 1/2Drive. MOST SUITABLE FOR RATTLE GUN! T OP TRADE QUALITY!! All bits S2-Cr-V Steel. Satin chrome plated, […]


BGS Germany 30-pcs Metric Socket Set Allen Key Set Internal Hex 5-19mm 1/2drive

BGS technic Germany 30-piece Bit Socket Set, Internal Hexagon, Allen Key Set! Most Popular Metric Sizes 5mm-19mm, 1/2drive. SUITABLE FOR RATTLE GUN!! T OP AUST TRADE QUALITY!! ONE OF THE […]


BGS Germany 11-pcs Groove Nut Bearing Flange 1/2INCH 1/2Drive Impact Socket Set

BGS technic Germany 11-pcs Groove Nut Bearing Flange 1/2 Drive Socket Set, Cr-Molly Steel. SYDNEY METRO FREE DAILY DELIVERIES NOW AVAILABLE! Heavy Duty, Industrial Quality Set! AS RARE AS HENS […]


BGS Germany 3/4Drive Impact Socket Set 22-38mm 90mm Deep CR-MO Steel Rattle Gun

BGS technic Germany 3/4 Drive Impact Socket Set 22mm-38mm Extra Deep 90mm Long Hex Sockets! EXTRA DEEP HEX SOCKETS COME IN SQUARE BLOW MOULD CASE! CR-MO Steel 90mm Long Sockets! […]


BGS Germany Top Impact 3/4 Drive Socket Set Spline Hexagon Allen Hex Rattle Gun

BGS technic Germany 9-piece 3/4drive Large Impact Bit Socket Set Spline Internal Hexagon! Heavy Duty Set, Suitable for Rattle/Impact Wrench! Inernal Hexagon 14, 17, 19, 21, 23, 24mm. Spline M16 […]


BGS Germany 25-pcs Mechanics Metric Open & Ring Ended Cr-V Spanner Set 6mm-32 mm

BGS technic Germany 25-piece Unbreakable Cr-Vanadium Metric Spanner Set on Rolling Wallet! THESE SPANNERS ARE AUSTRADE QUALITY! HARDENED TO GERMAN DIN STANDARD! MOST SUITABLE FOR DAY TO DAY TRADE USE! […]


BGS Germany 18-pcs Flexi Wrench Open Ring Ended Spanner Set Metric Socket Set

BGS technic Germany 18-piece 12 Point Socket & Open Ring Ended Spanner Metric Set 8mm-19mm. Austrade Pure & Simple! 18-piece Combination Ring Spanner Set Art. PRO+ High end tools in […]


BGS Germany 5-pcs V-Belt Timing Belt Replacement Wrench Set Spanner Set 13-19mm

BGS technic Germany Spanners! AN ABSOLUTE MUST TO HAVE WHEN WORKING ON BELTS!!! Brand new in solid blow mold case. Anything less is a compromise! When only the best will […]